• me: I'm so cute
  • me 15 mins later: I hate myself


I can’t wait until I make text posts that actually get notes. 

futuremrspayne924 asked:

Hello, I have a high school orientation coming up and I was hoping you could make me. School appropriate outfit. Thanks 💕 ( for both girls please)

Posted xx :) I wasn’t so sure whtat to add so um you can just ask me if you dont find any appropriate xx

"We're the selfie queens." "Yeah, we're obsessed."
  • 1) Screenshot your desktop
  • 2) Screenshot your follower count
  • 3) Screenshot your blog
  • 4) Screenshot your post count
  • 5) Screenshot your liked count
  • 6) Screenshot your followers
  • 7) Screenshot your dash
  • 8) Screenshot your favorite blog
  • 9) Screenshot your message count
  • 10) Screenshot your saved url's
  • 11) Screenshot [insert whatever]

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why are celebrities so bad at picking out photo filters